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Platform scale ACN.jpg
Weighing platform
- 300mm x 300mm
- 50lbs to 5000lbs
- Can be coupled with Display
- Cost Effective
MontingKit _Load cell_ button.jpg
Load Cell Mounting Kits
- 0.5 lbs to 50,000lbs
- Compressions and Tensions
- Can be coupled with Display
- Stainless Steel Construction
tension load with displays.jpg
Tension Scales with remote
- Crane weighing system
- 3000lbs. to 100,000lbs.
- LED Display with remote read out
- Cost Effective
HH Display.png
Hand Held Displays
- Portable display for load cells
- Battery life up to 450hrs
- Available with RS232 output
- TEDS Enabled
Foot pedal Load cell
- 225 lbs full range 
- accuracy to 0.15 lbs
- 70mm x 50mm x 30mm
- Cost Effective
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